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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pastor Marvin Winans Victim of Carjacking

I was devastated to hear that Pastor Marvin Winans was the latest victim of carjacking and robbery during broad daylight in Detroit on yesterday.  Where have we as a society gone wrong?  When I was a child growing up, I vividly remember how the adults took personal responsibility for rearing and disciplining all the children in the neighborhood.  If you as a child got out of hand, the closest adult who witnessed your maleficent behavior, whether they were related or not, would discipline you and then tell your parents, who after getting over their humiliation and embarrassment, would discipline you even more.  Parents of ole certainly lived out the African Proverb that states "it takes a village to raise a child." 

What I found most disturbing about Pastor Winans horrific ordeal is that based on his own admissions, no one came to his aide while he was being attacked.  Clearly there is a problem within the "village."  The village is now producing villains who have little to no regard for human life.

As I sit here and reflect on the deteriorating condition of our society, I am questioning what, if anything more, can the church do to empower people, especially our youth, to live peaceable and as law abiding citizens.  What can we do to rid our "village" of these vicious acts and restore peace and vitality?

Video of Pastor Winans Discussing Carjacking

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